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I'm officially a year older! I can't believe that my birthday has already come and gone in just a blink of an eye. My birthday weekend was kind of crazy. On my actual birthday (Saturday) I woke up so early to go out, and shoot. I got home around 11, and ran errands for a styled shoot on Sunday.
With still being students we don't go out very often for fancy date nights, and use birthdays as an excuse to hit the town. Earlier that week I go the Ensign in the mail, and was reading it for some spiritual inspiration. On of the things that stuck out to me was doing service for others during this time of year. I started thinking of ways I can serve others, and something that stuck out to me was my birthday. Todd is always so paranoid about money, and gets high anxiety whenever money is dropped. I wanted to serve my sweet husband, and decided to not do something extravagant for my birthday. If I opt to do something cheaper I know it will make Todd beyond happy. Later on the day Todd told me that he had all these reservations set for expensive restaurants, and wanted me to pick where I would like to go. I then said lets do something cheap to save money. He was beyond ecstatic, and so grateful. We ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory where I opened my card to see that a new camera was waiting for me in Utah. I was beyond thrilled that Todd splurged on me like that. I know that I received spiritual guidance from our Heavenly Father to do opt for a cheaper night out because my sweet husband was doing something amazing from me.

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