90’s Jeans

Levi's Ribecage Jeans
Striped Sweater | Levi’s Ribcage Jeans | Heels
A denim trend a majority of you were on board with is 90’s style jeans.  We know the 90’s have been back in a BIG WAY over the last few seasons and there isn’t a single sign of this slowing down.  What are 90’s style jeans?  THINK: relaxed, high-waisted, light in wash.  Yes, the skinny jean and jegging trend is finally on the way out.  I personally LOVE this trend and the more I see it on different body types (and ages), the more I see how flattering it really is.  I love when jeans accentuate my waist, leave room in my butt, and have a relaxed fit at the bottom — I am kissing my skinny jeans (super tight, zero breathing room, falling over on the floor to get them back over my ankle) GOODBYE.  To style these high wasited, wider jeans, make sure to tuck in a top and add some height with either a heel or heeled bootie!

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