10 Things I Love Sunday

Starting to do some spring cleaning projects around the house now that it’s April! Our master bedroom closets are up first and I’m pretty sure we haven’t gone through Todd’s stuff in like for-ever, so it will feel good to clean all that out and only keep the good stuff to organize a bit. Organizing is always a bit of a chore that I secretly like (especially when the end result is neat and pretty!). But it’s just hard to find the time these days, so I’m always happy when it actually gets done. Here’s what else I’m loving this week:
1. Definitely going to try this for a make-ahead morning breakfast! Sounds so good!
2. Summer pjs for Lola.
3. Love this for a kid’s art station.
4. I would literally build a porch around this patio umbrella—it’s amazing!!!
5. These for summer.
6. Cutest. Jumpsuit. Ever.
7. My healthy guilty pleasure lately is eating frozen sweet cherries at night when I’m craving something sweet. I just cut them in half and wait for them to melt a bit before diving in and sometimes (OK, a lot of the time) I add mini chocolate chips to the bowl. So yummy!
8. Going on a few early summer trips soon and this is a cute and easy-to-wear outfit.
9. I want to go to there!
10. Been making a lot of healthy (and budget friendly!) meals from this book lately—it’s great!
I had those snakeskin pants in a 10 Things list recently, but I wasn’t sure if I should go for them or not—they are so fun to wear so I’m glad I did! xo. Laura

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