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Classic, Timeless, and On-Trend Style

One of the most fun trends popping up this S/S season is the dress over pants look. We paired this classic white, A-Line, mini-dress with destructed skinny jeans and we couldn't be more in love with this look. It's casual yet interesting, classic yet trendy, and we want to wear. it. everywhere. Enjoy.

The Art of Relaxing in Style

I wanted to do a shoot that showed the intersection of high end, traditional style and the art of relaxation that many of us forget to practice this time of year. This gorgeous black dress from Tobi adds the perfect sense of classic luxury to this set, and we love the look of the empty picture frames in the background. We hope you enjoy it!

In the Studio with Hot Summer Styles

The temps are rising, and so are the sexy, summer styles for this season. Cut-outs, swim suits, bra tops are all making their debuts and we can't help but hop on board. We spent a day in the studio shooting some sexy, summer looks that not only look hot, but feel cool. Check out one of our favorite feminine and super chill looks.

A Valentine's Day First Date

We wanted to capture the excitement, awkwardness, and romance that people experience on a first date. The thrill of it all comes with the uncertainty. Questions like, "did he mean to touch my hand?" and "I wonder if he'll kiss me" or even sometimes, "when will this be over?" race through your mind. The models did an excellent job of portraying this. I went for a warm, comforting look, that really represented Grand Rapids, something that felt right in a casual coffee house setting. Alex, the female model, had a cute selection of dresses to pick from, so we chose a lightweight suede dress in a warm tan tone. I paired it with a muted light pink bag, black tights and booties, and tossed in her red toggle wool coat to really bring out Alex's signature red lip. On the male model, I wanted to play up the red without overpowering Alex, so I decided on a casual red plaid button-down with slim, well-cut jeans, simple black shoes and a nice leather jacket. I wanted their looks to compliment each other, but not distract or overpower the other.

Leigh's: A Luxury Fashion Haven Nestled in Breton Village

There comes a point in every girl's life when you just need a little luxury. Enter: Leigh's. Whether it's the touch of a luxe wool, breathtakingly elegant formalwear, or the impeccable service, when you enter the store, located in the ever-growing Breton Village near the corner of Breton and Burton, you can't help but feel a bit pampered. You could easily spend a few hours just browsing the upscale selection they provide. The whole team involved in the shoot was in awe of the amount of items in the store, and how nice everything was. It truly was an amazing day getting to style looks from such a beautiful and luxurious store. We hope you like the looks!

Stay Warm, Dry and Stylish in this Must-Have Winter Weather Outfit

It helps with the morning commute, or whenever you need to leave the house, especially if you have little kids you have to get ready along with you, to have one or two go-to outdoor weather outfits. Here's a look that is warm, weatherproof and very stylish in black, navy and bright red. A clear umbrella promises never to clash with anything, and black and blue accessories are no-brainers when you're in a rush since black pretty much goes with everything and navy will match any share of jeans you have on. I hope you like it and are finding your own ways to stay warm out there.

3 Luxurious Outfits to Lounge Away In This Holiday

When this time of year comes around, my purchasing patterns turn from casual separates and accessories to an odd combination of loungewear and party attire. This year, however, since I'm freelancing, I have fewer events to go to, so the loungewear has really taken precedence. I love the soft neutrals featured in this post as well as the interesting texture combinations and shapes.

3 Totally Affordable Ways to Wear a Flounce Skirt and Graphic Sweatshirt

Trends always come back around, so hopefully you still have your tiered mini's and GAP hoodies because they are back ladies and gents! Flounce skirts are popping up all over the holiday collections. Another trend that came back this late summer and has since gained traction is logo sweatshirts. Here are three very affordable sweatshirt looks using the same red flounce skirt from Zara

Mia's: Eastown's Most Glamorously Eclectic Boutique

First of all, Happy Halloween everyone! If you grew up like me, playing dress up for hours, sometimes days on end, you should definitely hear over to Mia's Dress Boutique on Wealthy st. in Grand Rapids. This shoot was a tough one to style in the time given, simply because of how many fun and unique pieces they carry. They have everything from formal dresses and sets to casual separates and novelty accessories, so when it came time to narrow my selection down to 3 or 4 looks, it was really tough. I hope you love these looks as much as I do!

A Girl-On-The-Go Outfit from Madewell

These days we're all moving a mile a minute. That doesn't mean we can't look fabulous while doing so. When we look and feel our best, we do our best work, so here's an outfit that can take you from your morning meetings to your date lunch to your afternoon errands and then of course happy hour cocktails. It's comfy, luxurious, on trend and super chic. This look plays with varying textures like leather, suede and wool while staying clean and minimalist. 

Jade: Rockford's Beautifully Boho-Chic Boutique

I've always considered myself a city girl. I don't like grass, dirt, insects or just being outdoors in general, so in 2014 when my husband and I moved up to Rockford, MI, somewhere known for its bike trails and farms, people were a bit surprised. To be honest, I really enjoyed seeing green again after living in an apartment in downtown Grand Rapids for the previous year. Our current home and neighborhood in Rockford are so beautiful and we feel very blessed to be here. When I started doing the Shop Local series for the blog, I wanted to feature some of the great boutiques up here in downtown Rockford since we actually have a pretty great selection. I also wanted to do something in a different style than the previous shoots at Denym and Humanity Boutique. That is when I thought of Jade, one of the most popular boutiques in the area, that has a very unique, modern yet bohemian style selection.

The 2 Best Ways to Wear a Turtleneck This Fall

Hopefully soon, we'll actually be getting some fall weather, but until then, we can start planning what to wear. It probably doesn't make sense to write a post about turtlenecks in September, but it's my blog, so I do what I want. Since this fall is all about layering, it can be hard to pick out looks that really show you what I'm getting at without actually layering the images or actually buying everything, so I'm going to rely on the rest of the internet tonight to show you some of the coolest, and definitely easiest turtleneck trends.

J.Crew is Now at Nordstrom

J.Crew has been a long time favorite of mine. While I admit since I've started freelancing, I haven't been quite as dedicated of a customer as usual (hellooooo sweatpants!), I still am constantly on their site perusing the new collections and my favorite staples. I was a bit surprised, but then really not so much, when I saw the announcement that they are now selling at Nordstrom. The brand's last few seasons haven't been their best, so one might argue that it is a move to improve sales, but also it's worth noting that their sister company, Madewell, has sold at Nordstrom for a while now, so it might just be a move to unify the sales models. Either way, they are still one of my favorite brands and places to shop.

3 Must Have Layering Pieces That Will Easily Transition into Fall

If you are a Fall girl like me, you are counting the days to cooler weather, which brings with it sweaters, boots, scarves, and everything that is wonderful in this world. Even though it's still 80 degrees out, the temps are at least going down now, so there's hope that one day we will stop living in a giant sauna, here in Michigan. Now is also the time of year when summer clothing, accessories and shoes sales go on steroids. Retailers start trying to clear the decks to make room for the new fall arrivals, which typically hit stores early to mid August. This is tricky because you have all of the shiny, new fall trends to drool over, but anything summer is way the hell on sale, and you'd rather eat your own arm than pass on that adorable crop top at 60% off.

Humanity Boutique: A Local Style Gem that's Making a Difference

Humanity Boutique has everything from flared jeans and kimonos to wedding guest attire and one-of-a kind statement pieces. The small but style packed boutique also carries a wide variety of beautiful jewelry and accessories along with a small selection of plus size styles. They also have an online store where you can shop what's in-store and some online exclusives. They offer free shipping on orders over $75, so if you're like me and would rather shop in your pjs, you can still support a local business without having to actually get dressed. #winning

A Classic Summer Look in Black and Tan

I know the fall clothes are hitting shelves already, and trust me, I can't wait to get to those, but I just fell in love with this bag and wanted to feature it in an outfit before the season ends. I love a classic black and tan look to transition into late summer / early fall. The tan looks a bit softer than white or color would and lends a hint of autumn to the look. It is late and I've spent most of my allotted blog writing time shopping for my own fall wardrobe, so I think I'm going to call it a night. I hope you enjoy the outfit!

When Life Gives You Lemons

This outfit is absolutely gorgeous (IMHO...  ;) I am seriously going to order these jeans the second I'm done with this post. Nothing screams summer like a top full of lemons, am I right? I am seriously obsessed with TopShop mules at the moment. I may have just ordered a few pair for myself. I'm not supposed to be shopping until after I hit my weight loss goal, but a girl's gotta eat right? And by eat, I mean shop because it is literally just as important. In fact, maybe if I did more shopping and less eating, I'd hit that weight loss goal sooner. 

Mama and Mini: Summertime Florals

Baby Zoe is growing up so fast these days, and is keeping so busy that I hardly know what day it is, much less what to dress her in. I consider us to be having an exceptional day if the both of us are clean and dressed. Red is a great color on both of us, and the inspiration for this outfit came from the baby girl shorts from Zara. I completely fell in love with this print.

Introducing the Boyfriend Cargo Pant from James Jeans

I really wanted to highlight the versatility of these pants by showing them in different outfits. They are a classic tapered trouser fit with cargo pocket details and and elastic leg hem. With a 26" inseam and mid-rise, these would flatter most body types, and the chic, modern fabric is classic and expensive looking. Pair them with a casual henley tank and a set of statement pumps, an elegant blouse bodysuit and matching mules or a beautiful printed top and your comfiest black sandals. These pants work for you from morning errands to happy hour so you'll definitely get your wear out of them. 

A Daytime Date with Silk and Suede

When playing with textures, few things in this world go together better than silk and suede. The smoothness and pureness of silk combined with the soft sturdiness of suede creates a combo of fabrics that you can't help but touch. I am the one scoffed at by the sales associates at Saks and Gucci because I stroll around in my mid-level designer get-up touching everything in their store. I can't help it, I have a major thing for luxury fabrics.