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Introducing Joon + Co., High End Style With a Conscience

Style Logic has been a huge part of my life these past few years, starting as a simple creative outlet and ending as a local style hub for West Michiganders. While it has been fun and definitely educational, I'm sad to say it's going to get put on the side burner for a bit. Joon+Co., the new, online shop I'm opening early Fall 2017 will sell a beautiful array of high end ethically made and responsibly sourced items with a clean, modern aesthetic.

Lizzie Williams On The Importance of Empathy, Community, and Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

A few jobs ago, I had the pleasure of working with the very talented Lizzie Williams. She was in marketing, and was often helping out with things in the application development department where I worked, so we ran into each other often. Her style, in one, self-described word is, "comfortable," which in my opinion is what Lizzie is to everyone she meets. Whether she's in jeans and a hoodie, or a peppy blazer and heels, she is someone who takes the time to listen, understand, and empathize, she exudes confidence and kindness, and the world is a better place because of people like her.

A Valentine's Day First Date

We wanted to capture the excitement, awkwardness, and romance that people experience on a first date. The thrill of it all comes with the uncertainty. Questions like, "did he mean to touch my hand?" and "I wonder if he'll kiss me" or even sometimes, "when will this be over?" race through your mind. The models did an excellent job of portraying this. I went for a warm, comforting look, that really represented Grand Rapids, something that felt right in a casual coffee house setting. Alex, the female model, had a cute selection of dresses to pick from, so we chose a lightweight suede dress in a warm tan tone. I paired it with a muted light pink bag, black tights and booties, and tossed in her red toggle wool coat to really bring out Alex's signature red lip. On the male model, I wanted to play up the red without overpowering Alex, so I decided on a casual red plaid button-down with slim, well-cut jeans, simple black shoes and a nice leather jacket. I wanted their looks to compliment each other, but not distract or overpower the other.

Andrea Rene Wallace: A Leader in Strength, Style and Staying True to Yourself

When I first met Andrea at a makeup session for our Mia's photo shoot, she confidently strolled through the door and first complimented my eye makeup, then promptly thanked me for including her in our day, said it was nice to meet me, as well as had several synchronous conversations with the others in the group. I was immediately impressed at her ability to chat with about 4 of us all at once and actually understand what was going on. This lovely lady exuded a sort of ego-less confidence that I wish I had. We all sat and chatted throughout the morning, discussing all sorts of things. I learned that Andrea, a single mother to her son, is also an NPC bikini model competitor, professional fitness and fashion model, trainer and nutrition expert, and master hair stylist. She is also working on her NASM Personal training education. She is a very busy lady, and a lady with style.

Introducing Personal Styling from Style Logic

I've always loved fashion, the materials, designs, models, trends, everything about it. I get the same rush shopping for designer handbags that I think some people get from extreme sports, and instead of playing outside or hanging out with friends, I spent a lot of my childhood drawing "the girl" in various outfits. I just love the self-expression you achieve by dressing a certain way and how when you combine beauty, clothing, accessories and attitude, you can create a work of art.

The Most Stylish Reads to Kick Off the New Year

Last year, I didn't spend much time on myself, or my sanity. I have recently started reading books (yes, books, with real paper and ink, not a kindle, tablet, computer, phones, phablet, etc.) and OMG, I. Love. it. Since I'm a web developer, I don't get much time AFK (remember "away from keyboard" from our AIM days?), so I savor it when I can get it. I've moved my planning from online to a paper notebook, stopped buying books on my kindle and have a set-aside designated time to unplug and read. It's been so amazing so far, I really do feel like it's one of the best decisions I've made in the past few months.

Support Local Grand Rapids Businesses with These Super Stylish, Last Minute Gifts

This list is anything but exhaustive, and there so many great places to get gifts and support your local community, so instead of Amazon-primining if this (last minute) holiday season, check out this list and take some time out of your lunch hour, errand running or Netflix binging to get something personal, local and most of all, on-time for the people who matter to you this holiday.

4 Ways to Save Your Time And Money Without Lifting a Finger

The holidays are pretty crazy for us. We really enjoy taking part in holiday traditions like decorating the tree, hanging stockings, baking cookies, and most of all, spending money. Whether it be for gifts, decorations, party supplies, etc. it is hard, maybe even impossible, to not spend extra money during the holidays. This stuff also takes time. Picking out presents, taking the baby to see Santa, returning all the stuff you get that you don't want, it all takes time. I really like things to run efficiently in our house so that I can use my brain to create and develop important things rather than make a million decisions about errands and trivial tasks. Here is a list of some of the brands and programs that I use to help stay sane this time of year. These tools will help to automate your life, your savings and add a bit of time back into your day.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Inner Child

We all have friends and family who are difficult to buy for, so I thought I'd write some posts to help you out. This time of year, I really get into holiday movies, freshly baked cookies and just generally acting like a kid again. This gift list is for that friend, colleague, family member, or even yourself that refuses to grow up. Unfortunately for them (or you), biology has a way of making things progress, but with these unique, stylish and super fun gifts, you can keep them joking, laughing and smiling all the way over the hills and through the woods to grandmother's house or whatever the song says.

Keeping it Classy with Crate and Barrel's Modern Halloween Decor

While I'm a fan of Etsy-esq decor and am fully aware that I'm just a few years, if not months away from a fridge covered in beautiful scribbles, I like my decor like I like my fashion; high end modern, clean cuts and lines and on trend, so I hope you enjoy these Halloween inspired items for this spooky time of year. They'd make a great setting for a fancy cocktail costume party.

Alyssa Ferguson: On Turning Dahlias, Determination and Dreams into Reality

Let me tell you ladies and gents, I am not an easily impressed person. I hold my friends, family and myself to very high standards and have a low tolerance for laziness and complacency. I realize how few of you reading this are now getting in line to be my next BFF, but the result is a group of amazingly kind, loyal and dedicated people. I hold kindness above all other traits and consider passion a pre-requisite before investing much time in a person, professionally. When I came in contact with Alyssa Ferguson (pronounced Ah-Lee-Sah), she checked both of those boxes instantly, and I was impressed. I was also very excited to meet another person who wrote as thorough and as detailed emails as me. We were introduced through a mutual contact and ended up collaborating on the Shop Local photoshoot at Jade. She provided the beautiful florals including living succulent accessories and a gorgeous flower crown, and helped style the looks in our most recent Shop Local with Mia's photo shoot, post coming soon. She is quite the "jane" of all trades, with some serious skills in floral design. Read on to learn more about this incredibly hard working and creative woman. Prepare to be inspired.

Erick Gerson: Meet the Man Behind the Makeup

Back in 2012 when my hubby and I were getting hitched, I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted a makeup artist or not. I was pretty good at doing my own makeup, proud, in fact, for how far I'd come since my Drew Carey Show, Mimi days. Then, I came across Erick Gerson. He came highly recommended and was very responsive to emails and questions that I had, which is and was important me. I checked out his website and portfolio and I was very impressed with his work, so I booked him, and as you can guess, this is where our story begins. Let me introduce you all to the man, the legend and the makeup that is Erick Gerson Rodriguez

The Daily Look Experience: Part 2

I am happy to say that my Daily Look Elite Box was a grand improvement over the Stitch Fix box I received. The clothes were higher quality, much more on-trend and my style, and really just a tad bit more than the Stitch Fix selections. They actually have their own label, which they don't make very obvious, especially when you order the Elite Box, but you can browse their own label here from their Shop page. It's a little irritating that they keep this somewhat hidden because, just like Stitch Fix's exclusive labels, you have no way to compare the prices. 

The DAILYLOOK Experience: Part 1

This is the second of many posts that I will do, personally evaluating and walking through various personal shopping subscriptions, so stay tuned for more. If you missed the first shopping service featured in this series, The Stitch Fix Experience, check out Part 1 where I walk you through step by step what it takes to get started with your first box, and Part 2, a detailed review of what my stylist picked out for me. While the service wasn't terrible, this time around, I wanted something with a bit more luxury and more on trend that was still approachable by the low maintenance working gal. So, let's all cross our fingers and see what happens next with DAILYLOOK.

The Stitch Fix Experience: Part 2

Well, I did it. I let somebody else shop for me <shudders>. How was it, you ask? Well, if everybody's boxes were as off-the-mark, low quality and quickly thrown together as mine, then I'm honestly not sure how Stitch Fix has become so popular. I'm thinking that either the efficiancy of the service makes up for the lack of quality or that my case is an exception. I know so many people who use this shopping service and love it that this can't be the norm. Once I scheduled my fix I got the typical confirmation email with links to communicate things to my stylist, and about 4 days after that, I got another email letting me know that my stylist was about to start styling my box for me and letting me edit the note that I didn't leave for my stylist. I was going to mention that this was for a blog post, but thought it'd be more interesting to see how they do without knowing that. 

Denym: The Grand Rapids Authority on Premium Denim and Casual Chic

If you haven't stopped by downtown Grand Rapids' West side lately, you need to. The area, which used to be pretty run down and desolate, is now flourishing. Everywhere you look, all sorts of businesses are joining the wide variety of restauranteurs, retailers and tech firms that have set up shop on the West side. Among them is the men's and women's casual-chic boutique, Denym.

Weekend Wish List: Red at Reformation

Red is in full swing this summer, which is only appropriate since it is about a million degrees out. There's something about red that brings out a woman's sexiness, sophistication and confidence. It can be as bold as a Gwen Stafani lip or as subtle as the peek of the red sole of a pair of Louboutins. Either way, it's a hot (please excuse the pun) color right now. Check out my weekend wish list featuring my favorite red pieces from The Reformation.