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Introducing Joon + Co., High End Style With a Conscience

Style Logic has been a huge part of my life these past few years, starting as a simple creative outlet and ending as a local style hub for West Michiganders. While it has been fun and definitely educational, I'm sad to say it's going to get put on the side burner for a bit. Joon+Co., the new, online shop I'm opening early Fall 2017 will sell a beautiful array of high end ethically made and responsibly sourced items with a clean, modern aesthetic.

Classic, Timeless, and On-Trend Style

One of the most fun trends popping up this S/S season is the dress over pants look. We paired this classic white, A-Line, mini-dress with destructed skinny jeans and we couldn't be more in love with this look. It's casual yet interesting, classic yet trendy, and we want to wear. it. everywhere. Enjoy.

The Art of Relaxing in Style

I wanted to do a shoot that showed the intersection of high end, traditional style and the art of relaxation that many of us forget to practice this time of year. This gorgeous black dress from Tobi adds the perfect sense of classic luxury to this set, and we love the look of the empty picture frames in the background. We hope you enjoy it!

In the Studio with Hot Summer Styles

The temps are rising, and so are the sexy, summer styles for this season. Cut-outs, swim suits, bra tops are all making their debuts and we can't help but hop on board. We spent a day in the studio shooting some sexy, summer looks that not only look hot, but feel cool. Check out one of our favorite feminine and super chill looks.

Spring Trend Alert: Amped Up Primary Colors

You might want to pack away the all-black look this spring. As the maximalist trend continues to grow, the weather warms up, and we all begin to come out of our winter hibernation, designers are hitting the season hard with bright colors, complex prints, complicated silhouettes, and a big punch in the face to the now seemingly drab all-black or comfy, cozy neutral palettes of the last few seasons. Let's take a look at some of the best, and most colorful options you'll find this spring.

Lee & Birch: A West Michigan Leader in Style, Selection, and Service

In West Michigan, there are just some must-visit places that you need to see. Founders for the beer lovers, Lake Michigan for the water lovers, and Lee & Birch for the fashion lovers. From their fun fashion shows and gorgeous photo shoots to their frequent participation in charity events and local collaborations, this is a boutique serves as an inspiration and leader to the style community in West Michigan. They are well known, well respected, and their selection is one of the best I've seen in the area.

Lizzie Williams On The Importance of Empathy, Community, and Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

A few jobs ago, I had the pleasure of working with the very talented Lizzie Williams. She was in marketing, and was often helping out with things in the application development department where I worked, so we ran into each other often. Her style, in one, self-described word is, "comfortable," which in my opinion is what Lizzie is to everyone she meets. Whether she's in jeans and a hoodie, or a peppy blazer and heels, she is someone who takes the time to listen, understand, and empathize, she exudes confidence and kindness, and the world is a better place because of people like her.

Save or Splurge on this Season's Hottest Trends

Springtime is a time of renewal in the style world. Not only do the dark colors of fall and winter fade away, but it seems as though designers take this seasonal opportunity to really add some life and color back into their pieces. Check out this list of some of the season's hottest trends at a splurge and a save price to fit everyone's budget.

Weekend Wish List: Wake Up Your Wardrobe with These Quirky Spring Accessories

This time of year, it's easy to get stuck in a rut with your wardrobe. We're used to the cold, and even though it usually starts to ease up about now, the comfy winter clothes we've hermitted in all throughout the snowy season are hard to get out of. Even I get stuck in such an endless cycle between leggings, Uggs, and baggy sweaters, but when March rolls around and new spring items start popping up everywhere, it's hard not to catch spring fever. Check out these spunky and spirited accessories that will stay stylish year after year as we bid goodbye to the piles of snow and hello to allergies, rain storms, and most importantly, spring style. They are unique, timeless, and expressive, so dive right in to some of this season's most interesting finds, curated by those talented folks at Anthropologie.

A Valentine's Day First Date

We wanted to capture the excitement, awkwardness, and romance that people experience on a first date. The thrill of it all comes with the uncertainty. Questions like, "did he mean to touch my hand?" and "I wonder if he'll kiss me" or even sometimes, "when will this be over?" race through your mind. The models did an excellent job of portraying this. I went for a warm, comforting look, that really represented Grand Rapids, something that felt right in a casual coffee house setting. Alex, the female model, had a cute selection of dresses to pick from, so we chose a lightweight suede dress in a warm tan tone. I paired it with a muted light pink bag, black tights and booties, and tossed in her red toggle wool coat to really bring out Alex's signature red lip. On the male model, I wanted to play up the red without overpowering Alex, so I decided on a casual red plaid button-down with slim, well-cut jeans, simple black shoes and a nice leather jacket. I wanted their looks to compliment each other, but not distract or overpower the other.

Andrea Rene Wallace: A Leader in Strength, Style and Staying True to Yourself

When I first met Andrea at a makeup session for our Mia's photo shoot, she confidently strolled through the door and first complimented my eye makeup, then promptly thanked me for including her in our day, said it was nice to meet me, as well as had several synchronous conversations with the others in the group. I was immediately impressed at her ability to chat with about 4 of us all at once and actually understand what was going on. This lovely lady exuded a sort of ego-less confidence that I wish I had. We all sat and chatted throughout the morning, discussing all sorts of things. I learned that Andrea, a single mother to her son, is also an NPC bikini model competitor, professional fitness and fashion model, trainer and nutrition expert, and master hair stylist. She is also working on her NASM Personal training education. She is a very busy lady, and a lady with style.

The Best Places to Shop if You're Petite, Plus-Size, or Pregnant

We don't have full time in-home trainers, never-tiring feet, or personal shoppers to scour the racks, online shops and thrift shops for stylish duds, we are real women, with real shapes, real schedules, and real lives to live. I wanted to give my readers who are not the typical model shape (hello, everybody!) a little cheat sheet to finding clothes that will both fit and flatter you because how you dress should make you feel strong, beautiful and confident. It's tough to feel that way when your clothes are shapeless, you have pant legs dragging behind you, or you feel like nothing more than a vessel for human life. I hope this helps and gives you a bit more freedom and confidence in your shopping selections

Leigh's: A Luxury Fashion Haven Nestled in Breton Village

There comes a point in every girl's life when you just need a little luxury. Enter: Leigh's. Whether it's the touch of a luxe wool, breathtakingly elegant formalwear, or the impeccable service, when you enter the store, located in the ever-growing Breton Village near the corner of Breton and Burton, you can't help but feel a bit pampered. You could easily spend a few hours just browsing the upscale selection they provide. The whole team involved in the shoot was in awe of the amount of items in the store, and how nice everything was. It truly was an amazing day getting to style looks from such a beautiful and luxurious store. We hope you like the looks!

Stay Warm, Dry and Stylish in this Must-Have Winter Weather Outfit

It helps with the morning commute, or whenever you need to leave the house, especially if you have little kids you have to get ready along with you, to have one or two go-to outdoor weather outfits. Here's a look that is warm, weatherproof and very stylish in black, navy and bright red. A clear umbrella promises never to clash with anything, and black and blue accessories are no-brainers when you're in a rush since black pretty much goes with everything and navy will match any share of jeans you have on. I hope you like it and are finding your own ways to stay warm out there.

Introducing Personal Styling from Style Logic

I've always loved fashion, the materials, designs, models, trends, everything about it. I get the same rush shopping for designer handbags that I think some people get from extreme sports, and instead of playing outside or hanging out with friends, I spent a lot of my childhood drawing "the girl" in various outfits. I just love the self-expression you achieve by dressing a certain way and how when you combine beauty, clothing, accessories and attitude, you can create a work of art.

The Ultimate Party Dress Guide

Hopefully you have some kind of holiday celebration coming up. While they provide a nice, and usually much needed, break from the end-of-year hustle of trying to get everything crammed in by the end of the year, the number one question I get asked is, "what do I wear?" When it comes to party attire, you'll hear everything from the normal "business casual" and "black tie" to "holiday chic" or "semi-formal."  So, whether you work in a law office or restaurant, have $50 to spend or $5000, here is the ultimate party dress guide for your style, budget and party type.

4 Ways to Save Your Time And Money Without Lifting a Finger

The holidays are pretty crazy for us. We really enjoy taking part in holiday traditions like decorating the tree, hanging stockings, baking cookies, and most of all, spending money. Whether it be for gifts, decorations, party supplies, etc. it is hard, maybe even impossible, to not spend extra money during the holidays. This stuff also takes time. Picking out presents, taking the baby to see Santa, returning all the stuff you get that you don't want, it all takes time. I really like things to run efficiently in our house so that I can use my brain to create and develop important things rather than make a million decisions about errands and trivial tasks. Here is a list of some of the brands and programs that I use to help stay sane this time of year. These tools will help to automate your life, your savings and add a bit of time back into your day.

3 Luxurious Outfits to Lounge Away In This Holiday

When this time of year comes around, my purchasing patterns turn from casual separates and accessories to an odd combination of loungewear and party attire. This year, however, since I'm freelancing, I have fewer events to go to, so the loungewear has really taken precedence. I love the soft neutrals featured in this post as well as the interesting texture combinations and shapes.