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Introducing Joon + Co., High End Style With a Conscience

Introducing Joon + Co., High End Style With a Conscience

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Style Logic has been a huge part of my life these past few years, starting as a simple creative outlet and ending as a local style hub for West Michiganders. While it has been fun and definitely educational, I'm sad to say it's going to get put on the side burner for a bit. Joon+Co., the new, online shop I'm opening early Fall 2017 will sell a beautiful array of high end ethically made and responsibly sourced items with a clean, modern aesthetic. We aren't hippies or hipsters, we aren't tree-huggers, we aren't dumpster divers. We are just a company that wants to sell beautiful things that buyers can feel great wearing as well as purchasing. Each and every item in the shop is hand picked by myself and has a story behind it. 

It's a joyous day when I get to announce that I'm going for my dream of opening up an online fashion boutique. This isn't just a little whim or thought I had, this is years of passion, discipline, and hard work rolling out in the form of a dream turned reality. Between Britney's Work Bitch and Katy Perry's Firework on continuous repeat, my inability to drink alcohol right now (7.5 months pregnant is a great time to launch, right?), and so much excitement (and bathroom breaks) that I could not sleep if my life depended on it, I am a roller coaster of emotions, exhaustion, and just plain anticipation. And did I mention happy? The happy in my life these days is overwhelming. I can't believe it's finally happening. I could never express properly the gratitude and appreciation that I feel towards everybody who has helped me reach this point. From my loving family to my extremely understanding friends, to the wholesalers and vendors who give me breaks because I'm new and just trying to do some good in the world, and the designers, companies, and trailblazers who are creating such beautiful pieces that inspire and exude good in the world. Thank you, I'm truly humbled and unbelievably grateful. I'm so proud to introduce you to Joon+Co. Read on to learn a bit more about what the new shop stands for.

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Our Story:

At Joon + Co. we make a promise to our customers that every single item they purchase through us has been thoroughly vetted and meets the appropriate criteria to be considered ethically sourced and socially responsible. We work with vendors and designers who value community, environment, quality, and of course style. While there is an over-abundance of fashionable online retailers, as well as an ever-growing specialized corner of the market dedicated to responsible retail and manufacturing processes, there isn't much overlap. Enter, Joon + Co.
Our goal is to give our customers a selective and professionally curated collection of items ranging from apparel and accessories to gifts and home goods that are responsibly sourced all the way down the ladder, from conception to the final sale. These items must not only meet our strict criteria, but must align with current style trends, high end quality and design standards, and have a unique fit into our family of beautiful goods. The designers and suppliers we work with are required to maintain a consistent yet modern image while keeping their designs current. They are held to continuously high standards from both a creative and ethical aspect in order to keep our company's image and product offerings in-line with our over-arching vision.

Our Motives:

I've always been addicted to fashion and high end lifestyle goods; the excitement of new (and old) trends, the rush of buying a new designer hand bag, the comfort of investing in 800 thread count sheets and duvet covers that feel like you're floating on clouds. However, the reality of it is, once you dig a bit deeper, it's not very hard to see how unethical some of these companies' practices are towards animals, the environment and their workers. It gets worse as you investigate further down the supply chain. While this is true, some of the most ethical labels leave much to be desired in the way of luxurious style and quality. Joon + Co. was created to bridge that gap. I want our customers to live in and with the items they buy from us, knowing that every single piece, from our gorgeous hand made jewelry to our most luxurious organic fabrics, has done a bit of good in the world. The way to make an enormous difference in the world is to start small, brick by brick, or in our case dress by dress."

Our Standards:

Sustainability and Diversity:

Recycling and re-purposing goods as well as using sustainable, earth-friendly materials are all great sustainability practices we look for. Organic cotton, linen, and other fabrics are also things we look for.

Fair trade and Transparent Pricing:

These items must be either Fair Trade certified by Fair Trade USA, or publicly provide their pricing structure per item, ensuring the proper and fair treatment and wages of employees from design and manufacturing up through the entire supply chain.


While we work with many companies whose production is overseas, we also value those who keep their design, manufacturing, and/or distribution local to support our local economy.

Vegan and Animal Friendly:

We believe strongly in the welfare of animals as much as people. Items fitting this category must be either fur, skin, and animal by-product free, or consist of animal products that were sourced from food, never for their skin, fur, etc.

Community and Diversity:

Companies that give back to their communities, whether they be a medical community looking for a cure, a tiny village in Africa, or diversifying the technology industry, are welcome suppliers to our shop.

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