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How to Wear Head to Toe Denim at Any Age

Denim is one of those timeless fabrics that never goes out of style. This season you can find denim anything; shirts, dresses, bags, even swimsuits, which makes it super fun to put together an all-denim look. Because the material is so comfortable, versatile and comes in a wide range of colors, prices and fits, shopping for it can easily become overwhelming. Putting together an all-denim look is not always the easiest.

Denym: The Grand Rapids Authority on Premium Denim and Casual Chic

If you haven't stopped by downtown Grand Rapids' West side lately, you need to. The area, which used to be pretty run down and desolate, is now flourishing. Everywhere you look, all sorts of businesses are joining the wide variety of restauranteurs, retailers and tech firms that have set up shop on the West side. Among them is the men's and women's casual-chic boutique, Denym.

3 Fun Ways to Wear Cropped Flares

One of this season's most coveted items is the cropped flare. It's only natural since FW2016 featured the comeback of the flare-leg that continued on through SS2016. It consists of kick flares, palazzos and wide leg variations. They are everywhere in white, blue, black and colors as well as high waisted, raw hem and destructed versions. The cut is pretty complimentary to all shapes and heights.

Kicking off Denim Week at Style Logic with 4th of July Styles

What is more all-American than denim? The first pair or durable jeans were maid by Jacob Davis in 1873 in Nevada for a woman requesting a tougher pair of pants for her husband to chop wood in. They quickly became a necessity for hard laborers that demand couldn't keep up with. Denim then evolved into the enormous global market that we all know and love today. When you think of all-American style, the number one thing that comes to mind is a good ole pair of blue jeans. Since I've lined up great posts, all about denim, this week, I thought I'd kick it off with none other than a few sassy 4th of July looks. Happy Independence Day!!!

A-Line Minis and Button Down Blouses

A-Line mini skirts are just one of those classic, timeless pieces that, if worn right, will never look out of place. It's also something that most of us just happen to have. Whether it be this spring's button down mini or last spring's skort or even a bold graphic print, it is one of the most versatile pieces you can own. People ask me what types of pieces they should invest in to get maximum wear out of, and an A-Line mini is a go-to staple. It pairs just as well with a mock neck bodysuit as a lightweight button down, which I'll be featuring in this post.

Cool Beach Outfit for a Baby-Clad Mama

There are many things to consider when dressing yourself for the beach after having a baby, and unless you're related to Krissy Teigan, the area that comes to mind first is the tummy. While we all aren't blessed to have magical genes, fancy personal trainers or enough positive self-assurance to flaunt our zebra stripes, there are things we can do to help keep our confidence up without sacrificing style.