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The Most Stylish Reads to Kick Off the New Year

Last year, I didn't spend much time on myself, or my sanity. I have recently started reading books (yes, books, with real paper and ink, not a kindle, tablet, computer, phones, phablet, etc.) and OMG, I. Love. it. Since I'm a web developer, I don't get much time AFK (remember "away from keyboard" from our AIM days?), so I savor it when I can get it. I've moved my planning from online to a paper notebook, stopped buying books on my kindle and have a set-aside designated time to unplug and read. It's been so amazing so far, I really do feel like it's one of the best decisions I've made in the past few months.

Support Local Grand Rapids Businesses with These Super Stylish, Last Minute Gifts

This list is anything but exhaustive, and there so many great places to get gifts and support your local community, so instead of Amazon-primining if this (last minute) holiday season, check out this list and take some time out of your lunch hour, errand running or Netflix binging to get something personal, local and most of all, on-time for the people who matter to you this holiday.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Inner Child

We all have friends and family who are difficult to buy for, so I thought I'd write some posts to help you out. This time of year, I really get into holiday movies, freshly baked cookies and just generally acting like a kid again. This gift list is for that friend, colleague, family member, or even yourself that refuses to grow up. Unfortunately for them (or you), biology has a way of making things progress, but with these unique, stylish and super fun gifts, you can keep them joking, laughing and smiling all the way over the hills and through the woods to grandmother's house or whatever the song says.