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Introducing Personal Styling from Style Logic

Introducing Personal Styling from Style Logic

I've always loved fashion, the materials, designs, models, trends, everything about it. I get the same rush shopping for designer handbags that I think some people get from extreme sports, and instead of playing outside or hanging out with friends, I spent a lot of my childhood drawing "the girl" in various outfits. I just love the self-expression you achieve by dressing a certain way and how when you combine beauty, clothing, accessories and attitude, you can create a work of art.

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it."
~Diane Von Furstenberg

All of my hard work, dedication, and encouragement from friends and family really culminated into a personal styling business for Style Logic. I needed some time to bulk up my portfolio, build up my network of style experts, and then it was just practice practice practice. This is a career that a lot of people think they can "just do" because they have been told they're stylish, or they really like to pick out outfits for people and themselves. Let me tell you, folks, it is not that easy. There are so many things to consider when selecting pieces or outfits for people looking for styling services. No matter who you hire as a stylist, they need to have vision, professionalism, and genuine passion.


What a Personal Stylist Does

Not only do you need to consider the goals, budget, and locale of the client, but you need to (more often than not) help the client identify what their personal style is, and how to describe, visualize, and build upon their own unique point of view. This is almost always the most difficult part. While with styled shoots (staged, pre-arranged displays or imitations of real world situations), the stylist can control and invent the vision, but with real clients, the vision can really lie in various states between the stylist and the client. Some clients have no vision other than "I want to be stylish" or "I need a new image" so it is up to the stylist to first help the client identify a specific vision like what exactly does "stylish" mean to them, or what type of new image would they like to be the result of the wardrobe transformation. Then, once those questions are answered, the focus would shift more to how, exactly, the stylist plans to implement the transformation. Other clients have a very specific goal in mind such as "I want to show off my new figure" or "I want to upgrade the quality of items I own" so it really boils down to the client finding effective ways to communicate how they plan to get the client from point A to point B with their wardrobe and then take action to accomplish the client's vision.


Why Hire a Personal Stylist?

A stylist can not only help you look your best, but they can also do wonders for your self-esteem, confidence and self-image. If you've never experienced what it feels like to walk into a room and feel like the belle of the ball, or zip up and button a curve hugging, leg lengthening, perfectly fitting pair of jeans, or march into a conference room and absolutely kill it in front of your top clients, boss or peers looking every bit the part, a stylist can help you find those moments, and trust me, they are amazing. Women these days are crushing it from every angle, busting glass ceilings left and right, and most of all, doing it in style. What do most of these women have in common other than being strong, talented ladies? They have hired personal stylists.

Whether you lack the creative ability to put outfits together that accomplish the look you want, you don't have the time (or patience) to shop for yourself, or you want a new image and aren't sure where to start, a personal stylist can help you with all of this. They have expertise in what flatters or hides certain body parts, what colors and cuts are appropriate for varying environments, when to flaunt and when to cover, and where to find great deals on high end items. A good stylist is able to work within any reasonable budget and help you see the value in the items they propose.

The average women will spend thousands of dollars in clothing and accessories each year with more than half of those items getting pushed to the back of their closets. Whether they were purchased with poor fit because they were a great deal, they look great but are uncomfortable, or they are sexy going out clothes for your practically non-existent nights out, they are a waste of money and space in your closest. It's a harsh realization, but it's reality. If you love luxurious fabrics but are too busy to make it to the dry cleaner, a stylist can help you pick luxe fabrics that can be washed at home. If you love an edgy look, but work in a conservative law office, a stylist can help you dress appropriately while still expressing your personal style. If you have a bunch of kids running around the house, but have clients or neighbors that come by a lot, a stylist can give you realistic tips and child-proof product recommendations that multi-task, compliment your style and figure, and help to hide the fact that you got 2 hours of sleep the night before. Let a stylist get you items that fit your lifestyle, compliment your body, fit within your budget, and make you feel like conquering the world.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."
~Rachel Zoe

What I Offer

view all packages and á la carte offerings

You can view the above link to see my pricing, which believe it or not, is very reasonable. Most personal stylists charge upwards of $100 / hr. I offer packages and á la carte options. Aside from the cost of services, I work with all budgets when it comes to your wardrobe and style needs. As far as packages go, I offer a beauty package to get you event or photo shoot ready, a promotional package that will leave you in the hands of a professional styling crew and result in a handful of professionally edited promo-ready photos, and a Mindful Mama package that is meant to remind you that you are beautiful, unique and worthy of a little you time. As far as á la carte options, I offer a simple hourly rate for both virtual/remote clients and in-person clients. If you are located near me, feel free to make use of both services as you see fit, but in-person services are only offered in West Michigan at the moment. The Wardrobe refresh (update) and wardrobe curation (clean out) are two products that go very well together if you're looking to adjust or re-invent your closet.


How it Works

All services begin with a complimentary 30 minute virtual consultation and style profile, which I can fill out for you based on our initial consultation, or you can fill out yourself online. For in-person services, I will travel within a reasonable distance from my home in Rockford, MI, with a small added fee for travel further away. The packages will use my carefully chosen team of experts (Erick Gerson Rodridguez or "Erick Makeup", Shawn Lavengood of the soon-to-be-opening Salon Rise, and Studio Phrené for photography).

Something to note is that for virtual clients, any items I order for you will be charged directly to your credit card and shipped to your home. You are then responsible for any and all returns and exchanges. If you are using the in-person services, I will bring the items to your home for a minimum 1 hr fitting session, and take back with me anything that you don't want or that doesn't fit. I will also handle getting you any adjusted sizes, colors or styles and ship the items to your home unless you'd like to pay for an additional fitting session.


Subscription Box Services

For those of you who were/are interested in the subscription box services I am planning to offer this year, it's still a-go, the website is in progress, and you (and your friends) can sign up here to be the first to know what's happening and even help test the product!


How Do I Get Started?

So what now? Once you contact me, I'll get to work and you can sit back and relax. You can view my services and pricing here and my portfolio here (or just use the buttons below).  If you or anyone you know is looking to revamp their image, promote a product, individual, or brand, put together a look for a photo shoot, interview, or speaking engagement, or wants to transform their wardrobe into something organized, clutter-free, and useful, you can find me right here. There is a place in the form below to enter a discount code if you have one. The form doesn't lock you into anything, it's more of an information request form, but if you have a discount and are interested in any services, I'll apply that to any costs you rack up on your initial order. 

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Thanks to all of my readers, family and friends for their support this last year as I turned my lifelong passion into a reality. The blog took a bit to get going, but now it's moving full steam ahead, and real things are happening. I appreciate any and all referrals, and would love to discuss collaboration ideas. I have a team of experts in web, hair, beauty and photography who are ready and willing to make your style dreams come true, so make sure to check out the packages section of my services page and feel free to ask me for any recommendations if you need them. Sharing is caring, so please help spread the word by sharing this post in social media, through email and referring anyone you know in need of these services! 

As always, a big thank you to everyone reading for your continued interest in Style Logic. 

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