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My 2017 Style Goals for You, Me and Victoria Beckham

My 2017 Style Goals for You, Me and Victoria Beckham

Welcome, welcome, welcome to 2017 all! I know a lot of us were more than ready to give 2016 the boot, so congrats on the newfound hope and opportunity that a brand new, hopefully less shitty, year beings. Let's make the most of it.

I'm a very goal oriented person. If you know me well, you're probably chuckling because you know that I make goals for everything. Yearly goals, monthly goals, daily goals, eating goals, friendship goals, fitness goals, family goals, and very importantly, style goals. I am very aware of, confident and expressive with my own, personal style, so when I started to think about what type of goals I want to set for myself and my readers, it wasn't immediately apparent. I have started reading The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees (thanks, mom, for the awesome X-Mas gift), and it has definitely sprung some self-realizations with regards to my individual style as well as what I'd like to teach to the (wonderful) people reading this blog. Let's discuss.

My Style Goals

I started thinking about what really defined my style. If Tim Gunn showed up at my door and gave me 10 seconds to describe my style to him, what would I say?

Yeah, the world inside of my head is an awesome place where Tim Gunn, Rebecca Minkoff, Chip and Joanna Gaines and I are all best friends. I have endless amounts of money, a pet Quokka and a lazy river where I float around in my Ralph Lauren Collection dresses like a mermaid with every color of his Soft Ricki bag full of pints (and pints and pints) of calorie-free Ben and Jerry's...

Hmm..what was I talking about?

Oh right, describe my style. I always thought of my style as very classic with a bit of edginess incorporated. I was never big on boho or prep, I was just more drawn to high end fabrics, clean lines and classic silhouettes. Than I noticed that I actually spend a ton of money incorporating new trends into my wardrobe, and not always in the smartest ways. While this is a very typically rookie mistake, it's also easy for us fashion girls to "relapse" and fall back into this pattern when we haven't been able to buy (or fit in) what we really want for a while. This summer, I was coming off of a rough pregnancy and raising a 4 month old, so I was ready for wearing something cute. Being cooped up in the house for months after waddling around like a mammoth-sized bubble for the 9 months before that had me itching for a drastic change in wardrobe. Come fall, i blew a lot of cash on velvet, absolutely anything with bell sleeves or that bared my shoulders and all of the block heels I could get my hands on (and feet in).

While this was fun, I have (re)learned that curating the perfect closet isn't about quantity, labels or trends, it's about finding my own personal style and reflecting that in what I wear. I am not and have never been the type of girl to care much about what people think of me, especially of what I wear, so this year, I'm going to concentrate not on bulking up my wardrobe, but in curating it. I love expensive, high quality fabric and tailoring as well as simple, but flattering cuts. I love color, but I also love black, so I'll always have a variety of color in my closet, and I'll never be able to live or dress independently of trends since they dictate what items are available to purchase, but I can find adaptations the best suit my style. I will declutter things that I am holding on to for the wrong reasons, and keep myself from buying things just because they are a good deal. 2017 will be a year of cleansing, curating and perfecting my wardrobe.

...making a list of my A-List Sex-And-The-City-Wannabee crew for closet clean out...

My Style Goals for You

For my readers, I want to provide a platform and community to help you find your own personal style. I think that most women I know do not completely identify with a single established style type. I know people who are a bit preppy with their color choice, but prefer more classic shapes as well as people who are experts in edgy romanticism. Too many shopping services, style bloggers, websites and retailers push these types on us, assuming that we'll fall squarely into one of these pre-determined categories. What this does is box us into groups so that if you learn from one of the (often inexperienced) department store stylists that you are "preppy".  Then you are taught by the internet, your friends, etc. that you need to shop at J.Crew, Boden and Tommy Hilfiger. While these stores may lean toward preppy style, they have quite a bit for others well. While there is nothing wrong with identifying with a style type, I want to remind my readers that your style is their own and that you should strut that shit like you're Joseph Gordan Levitt in 500 Days of Summer.

Basically, be yourself and be proud of who you are. If you express yourself through your style, you can't go wrong. Trends do not dictate style.

My Style Goals for Victoria Beckham

Honestly, you be you because you is perfect, lady. However, my one request, please, please, please start making something I can afford...even if it's a hair clip, sock, lipstick, I''ll buy it, I promise. #majorFanGirl

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