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The Best Places to Shop if You're Petite, Plus-Size, or Pregnant

The Best Places to Shop if You're Petite, Plus-Size, or Pregnant

Very few of us are blessed with a 34" inseam, thigh gap, or Michelle Obama arms, so let's just face it, we can't exactly pull off the same looks as Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, or Jennifer Lawrence. For my fellow shorties out there, we're lacking those magical genes that allow us to see over sushi bars or car dashboards, and our feet are destined to be blistered, backs sore, from wearing high heels. For the ladies with a little bit more to love, just because you're curvy, or you've got some junk in your trunk, you shouldn't be penalized with only unflattering department store plus size options. And finally, for those lovely mama-to-be's, man is there not a lot of stylish selections to flaunt that bump, especially once that bump becomes more like a 15 lb bowling ball at the expense of your back muscles.

We don't have full time in-home trainers, never-tiring feet, or personal shoppers to scour the racks, online shops and thrift shops for stylish duds, we are real women, with real shapes, real schedules, and real lives to live. I wanted to give my readers who are not the typical model shape (hello, everybody!) a little cheat sheet to finding clothes that will both fit and flatter you because how you dress should make you feel strong, beautiful and confident. It's tough to feel that way when your clothes are shapeless, you have pant legs dragging behind you, or you feel like nothing more than a vessel for human life. I hope this helps and gives you a bit more freedom and confidence in your shopping selections.

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Welcome to my life, except not really. I am extremely short (only 5 ft.), but I am not thin. Petite sizes are made all-around smaller, so if you wear a size 8 normally, in petite clothing, you'd probably wear a size 10 petite. This is because not only is the length of the garment shortened, but the overall size of the item is cut proportionally smaller, in both length and width.

Anthropologie carries a TON of stuff in petite, but is often outside most people's budget. However, if you splurge, and you splurge at Anthropologie, you'll be thankful because whatever you buy will be the softest thing ever. J.Crew has many of it's pieces in petites, which is nice because they are at a much more approachable price point, and carry anything from pajamas to jeans (love their matchsticks!) to formal gowns. They also offer free in-store alteration if you've got a J.Crew credit card. If you're looking for a more hip, street-wear inspired retailer that fits into a bit smaller of a budget as well, look no further than Top Shop. The only thing that irks be about Top Shop is that you can't browse petites, regular and tall at once, they are all listed as separate items, as well as all of the color variations. So instead of finding an item, then selecting size 6 petite in color Taupe, you have to find the specific petite, taupe version of that item and then select your size. Other than that quirk, they have a good range of petite selections from party clothes to workout wear.


Plus Size

Whatever shape you are, apple, hourglass, pear, who cares, it shouldn't limit the amount of choices you have when it comes to fashion. If you've got a big belly, J.Lo booty, or thunder thighs, no worries, because these retailers realize that not only do you deserve to dress stylishly, you also deserve to feel great about yourself. There's nothing at all wrong with being plus sized. In fact, if this were the 1800's, pretty much anyone over a current-size 2 would be considered plus size. True style has no size, so whether you're a size 10 or a size 30, be yourself, be brave, and be stylish! 

Violeta is a parent label under Mango, and portrays the same modern, minimalistic collections that Mango is so well known for. Torrid carries sizes 10-30 and has so. much. selection. if you really get going, you can spend a good amount of your day perusing the plus-size pieces. They keep up on trends, but offer a bit of everything. Eloquii is based out of New York and carries sizes 14-24. Prices are affordable for all three.



If you've got a bun in the oven, first of all, congratulations! Secondly, I feel for you, lady. While carrying a child really is an amazing, worthwhile, and rewarding journey, it's also takes a toll on a woman's body. I don't need to tell you that though, do I? Since you already have the exhaustion, back, leg, pelvic, foot, and probably everywhere else pain, and potential morning sickness to deal with, finding clothing shouldn't be another thing added to your worries. It also shouldn't break the bank because you obviously won't wear these clothes when you aren't preggers, and you definitely can't wear your regular clothes. There's a reason we all don't go out and buy a completely new wardrobe every 9 months, because it's crazy friggin' expensive. It amazes me that employers or medical insurance providers don't include some kind of clothing stipend. Hopefully this list helps you out!

Asos in general has a TON of selection, no matter what you're looking for. I've found their basics to be very sturdy and reliable as well as comfy. You'll find trendy stuff as well as basic things like leggings and belly bands here for very affordable prices. Motherhood is a bit more expensive, but also tailored specifically for pregnant women. They specialize in maternity and even postpartum shapes and sizes, and have an extensive collection online. H&M, like Asos, has very affordable prices, but they have less selection. However, around the holidays, they have a great selection of maternity party wear, which is not something that you'll find in most maternity retail shops. 

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