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J.Crew is Now at Nordstrom

J.Crew is Now at Nordstrom

J.Crew has been a long time favorite of mine. While I admit since I've started freelancing, I haven't been quite as dedicated of a customer as usual (hellooooo sweatpants!), I still am constantly on their site perusing the new collections and my favorite staples. I was a bit surprised, but then really not so much, when I saw the announcement that they are now selling at Nordstrom. The brand's last few seasons haven't been their best, so one might argue that it is a move to improve sales, but also it's worth noting that their sister company, Madewell, has sold at Nordstrom for a while now, so it might just be a move to unify the sales models. Either way, they are still one of my favorite brands and places to shop.

What I love about J.Crew is that their items feel high end, but at relatively low prices compared to most mid to high end brands. The quality, in my opinion, is above what I find at Banana Republic, White House Black Market and many others at that pricing level. Their style is usually pretty on trend while remaining true to their trademark style. One thing I love most about them is their reliable fit and colors. I never have to try things on there (other than for styling reasons) because I know exactly what size I wear and it never changes at J.Crew. Finding a reliable size at Banana Republic is an endeavor in itself.  also love how no matter what color you purchase, they never fade. I've purchased anything from hot pink dress joggers to bright yellow tissue tee and deep purple linen tops, and none of them have faded at all. 

With all of that praise being said, J.Crew's last few seasons have left a lot to be desired and their decision to sell at Nordstrom now are a bit concerning. Throughout the fashion stratosphere, the brand has been struggling to keep up their creative and update takes on the classics while staying relevant in the now - faster than ever - street to runway to your closet high fashion game. For  while, J.Crew was the only one of it's kind (mid-range, non-luxury, can find one at most decent malls) to show at New York Fashion Week, but it seems that the past few years, they've resorted back to their bajillion layer, mismatched-on-purpose styled looks that they were known for in the pre-Marissa Webb days of their existence.

Either way, I cannot deny my forever-loyal love for the brand, so here are some of the pieces you can now purchase through Nordstrom. For those of you who don't know, J.Crew and Madewell are owned by the same company, and Madewell (in addition to J.Crew now) only sells wholesale to Net-A-Porter, Nordstrom and Shopbop, so we might expect to see J.Crew popping up at ShopBop soon. I doubt they'd ever go to Net-A-Porter since they aren't necessarily at a high enough luxury level, and I'm sure they'd like to maintain Madewell as their own higher end brand. One of the best things about J.Crew's decision to sell at Nordstrom though is that now we can order and return J.Crew free of any shipping charges or trips to a local store. #yay

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