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The Daily Look Experience: Part 2

The Daily Look Experience: Part 2

This is the second set of posts that I've done, personally evaluating and walking through many of the personal shopping subscriptions out there right now, so stay tuned for more. 

Next up: Daily Look Elite Box.
 If you haven't read Part 1, check it out here; The Daily Look Experience: Part 1. If you haven't read The Stitch Fix Experience, Parts 1 and 2, check them out as well.

The Overall Experience

I am happy to say that my Daily Look Elite Box was a grand improvement over the Stitch Fix box I received. The clothes were higher quality, much more on-trend and my style, and really just a tad bit more than the Stitch Fix selections. They actually have their own label, which they don't make very obvious, especially when you order the Elite Box, but you can browse their own label here from their Shop page. It's a little irritating that they keep this somewhat hidden because, just like Stitch Fix's exclusive labels, you have no way to compare the prices. 

The Website and Correspondence

Although I did like the clothes a lot more, the website left a bit to be desired. I encountered a few random errors, a caching issue that left me in logged in but not logged in never never land, and some 'nulls' displayed here and there. I also got about a million emails from them, and while I'm all about getting updated when my order status changes, they sent me multiple emails welcoming me to the services, then after my stylist chose my items and I'd reviewed the selections, they sent me a "we're in the process of finding you the perfect stylist" email which was weird. They sent me a whopping 12 emails (obviously all not pictured here) throughout the entire process, and I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, and that is just way too many. 

The Unique Features

One of the biggest differences between the Stitch Fix and Daily Look is that Daily Look lets you swap out a few items before your box gets mailed. Once your stylist selects your initial items, you get an email to let you know you can review your selections. At that time, you can review what your stylist has picked out for you and say you don't like up to 3 items. I'm not sure if that number is always 3 or if it's a percentage of some sorts, but mine was 3. They let you enter a reason for removing the item as well. Once I did this, I didn't get to review the new selections though, so you just get one chance. While I think this is a great feature, it wasn't quite as thrilling to get my box of goodies because I already knew most of what goodies would be inside. I suppose that's personal preference though.

The Box

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The box was nice quality with logo and hash tag printed on it. The clothes were very neatly folded in branded tissue paper and the packing slip, return bag, instructions and mailing label were all tucked in a nice white envelope. I'm assuming that since I had shoes in my box, the label didn't come pre-stuck on my return shipment bag and according to the instructions, I had the option of returning the items in the box or the bag (assuming that is for if I didn't keep the shoes since they came in a shoebox this time rather than a bag like Stitch Fix did). It arrived on time, I was notified that it shipped and arrived and they include tracking.

The Clothes

I'll go through the pieces I received one by one, but I just wanted to apologize first for the quality of the pics. I am no photographer. My computer doesn't seem to want to handle editing these photos, and my eyelids don't want to stay open, so they'll have to do. They were all fairly high quality and the fabrics were nice crepes and cottons. There was no super cheap, keep away from flames at all costs, type fabrics in this box like last time. 

Daily Look Easy Days Woven Sleeveless Dress in Charcoal


This dress was very cute, very short, but very cute. I liked that it fit how it should on me because normally shift dresses are a bit too long on me and look funny. It was a very nice charcoal color, less blue than the pics look. I love the zipper detail in the back too. I just didn't think it was worth $74. I probably would've kept it for about $40, but they wanted almost double that, so I said no thanks.


Daily Look Front Tie Keyhole Blouse


There isn't much to say about this top. It was very cute, and I loved the tie detail on the front, but it's just the same top most of us have about 5 of already, so I sent it back.


Penelope Shift Tie-Waist Dress


This dress is a beauty. I say is  and not was because <drumroll please> I kept it! It has a fabric tie at the waist and a wide sleeve opening. I first tried it on while barefoot and it swallowed me up a bit, but with the nude heels, it looked perfect! It's made by Lumiere, who I found online, but not the specific dress, so again, it's hard to know if it's overpriced by much. In order to see prices on their website at all, you need a wholesaler account, which I'm trying to get, but can't find my sales tax number at the moment so it'll have to wait. Anyway, look for this dress to pop up in future blog posts, if I ever get my shit together and lose the rest of this weight.


Femme Cropped Trousers


I'm not sure if these were on sale or something because typically at nicer stores, the .99 represents a sale price. Either way, these pants were adorable, but I just don't have the body for them. My mom and I both tried these on and they didn't fit either of us. That being said, we have completely opposite body types and we are both really short. I have a very wide waist and super narrow hips and she has very wide hips and a tiny little waist. Perhaps these would fit somebody with a more average body type? The material was super soft and I wanted to badly to keep them and try to shrink my waist to fit, but that will never happen, so I set them free. If it's meant to be, they'll find me someday. 


Woven Lace Trim Peasant Blouse


This was nice, but very summery. It looked like a top you'd wear over a swimsuit when you're trying to hit the beach, but it's still too chilly out. I would rather save my money for the new fall stuff coming out.


Steve Madden Proto Pumps


These were your basic, nude pumps. They fit great, looked great, I just wanted something with a different texture. They were a kind of shiny leather, but not patent, so they looked a bit unintentionally rubbery. They were great to try things on with though! I recently bought these instead.


Joe's Jeans The Petite Provocateur


These fit like a dream, which is saying a lot for somebody as short and stocky as me. I have really really really really thick legs, both calves and thighs, but have narrow little hips, so finding skinny jeans that fit is a nightmare. These fit great, and I'm willing to pay for a great fit, I just am not feeling the skinny right now. I need to lose some more weight, so I don't want to spend this much and have my size change so they don't fit anymore.  This is a lot to spend on a pair of jeans that I can probably get on sale somewhere else too since so many retailers carry Joe's Jeans. It is a great, high quality and on trend brand though, so I'm glad that they offer it. If I had hundreds of dollar to blow on whatever I wanted, I'd have kept them.

The Checkout

The checkout process was pretty typical. You log into your profile and from there you can rate, review and either keep or return any item you received in your box. I documented my checkout process so that I can type less and show more here. One thing to add though is that the jeans show up as about $16 more expensive here, so again - maybe it's just a wacky website thing. They really need to up their QA game or just get some better developers.


Would I use Daily Look Elite Box again? Sure, but like I've said before, pigs will fly before I let another person shop for me. Unless you're Tyra Banks or Time Gun, then we can all go shopping together and be BFFs for the rest of time. #iWish. The clothing designs were great, the fabrics were great quality and everything was new (seeming), clean and stylish. I loved the colors my stylist picked out for me and the fits were generally pretty good. One of my only complaints would be that I told my stylist that I already had too many silky sleeveless blouses and she sent me another one. Also, the cropped pants were super cute, but no where near fitting my inseam, which she had. Just because pants are cropped doesn't mean a shorter person can wear them because the cut is made to hit at or above the ankle, not be full length pants, which any stylist should know.

My biggest complaint is that in order to cancel the subscription, I had to call them. Then once I sat on hold for about 15 minutes, the (very nice) customer service representative tells me that she'll put a note in my account that I want to cancel, but I'll have to call back again once I get the email confirmation saying that they've received my returned items, and tell them I want to cancel. This was a few weeks ago and I still haven't received the email (maybe they used all of their email sending energy in the first half of this process), but after I just checked my account, it says they've received my request to cancel and it is currently processing. So I actually have no idea how or if my subscription is actually cancelled or not. It also says my next box is scheduled to ship in October, which is weird, because this box shipped in August, so did it just cancel for the month of September? Very confusing, and a bit disappointing because I loved the clothes so much. I also don't think they offer a one-off box, only a subscription. The subscriptions, however can be be scheduled monthly, every other month, or every 3 months.

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