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The DAILYLOOK Experience: Part 1

The DAILYLOOK Experience: Part 1

This is the second of many posts that I will do, personally evaluating and walking through various personal shopping subscriptions, so stay tuned for more. If you missed the first shopping service featured in this series, The Stitch Fix Experience, check out Part 1 where I walk you through step by step what it takes to get started with your first box, and Part 2, a detailed review of what my stylist picked out for me. While the service wasn't terrible, this time around, I wanted something with a bit more luxury and more on trend that was still approachable by the low maintenance working gal. So, let's all cross our fingers and see what happens next with DAILYLOOK.

DAILYLOOK is a very chic, super fun online retailer where you can not only purchase items, but entire looks, saving you the hassle of going to several different retailers to purchase a whole outfit. Their looks are all categorized into one of five types; Cultivated Classic, Femme Nouveau, The Contemporary, Americana Revival and Bohemian Gypset (more on these later in this post).

Well their website is fine - not great - but fine. It's simple, clean and easy to understand. DAILYLOOK is an online retailer that offers a shopping subscription called Elite Box. When you get to the home page, you can shop items like you would at any other online retailer, or you can go to the Elite Box site. Once you're there, you see the typical, "Get Started" prompts that follow you along through their site, as well as the "How it Works", "What's it Cost?" and "Where do I Sign?" sections. They list their brands up front (Vince, Free People, Diane von Furstenberg, Joie and Current/Elliott to name a few), which is already much more encouraging than Stitch Fix's secretive label list. Click on the screenshots below to view more details.

Each box contains 7-11 items ranging in price from $75 - $350 with a $40 monthly styling fee. You only pay for what you keep and mail the rest back, free of charge. You can skip a month whenever you like, but I don't see how to order only a one-off box or using another subscription frequency. That might come later though. They have a referral program where you earn $25 per customer you bring in.

To register, you'll need an email, name and password, which gets you going quickly. You get a $20 off your first order offer when you sign up, so that's cool of them. The outfits and graphics that they feature are very much my style. They're trendy, well put together and feature some of my favorite brands.

The Style Profile

My Notes on the Style Profile


The style profile starts out with your typical size questions. They opt for sizes rather than measurements, which I don't like (sizing varies so much from brand to brand, and sizing charts are based on body measurements), but I would assume most of the general population would prefer in case you don't know your measurements. They let you pick our your "shape" which can be both valuable and depressing. You can specify how tight or loose you like your clothes to fit, jeans specifications like length, style and rise, as well as if your proportions like long arms, a short torso or broad shoulders for example. They also ask for shoe size, heel height and style preference.


The outfit styles they give for you to rate in terms of how often you dress this way are on point. I seriously love them all. In true developer fashion, I checked out the names of the images they use (and therefore how they categorized each look). These categories just so happen to line up with the categories on the DAILYLOOK shop site (makes sense), so here are the images of what was on the style profile questionnaire as well as some samples from the DAILYLOOK shop so you can see a more distinct difference in styles and rate the style profile question looks more accurately.

Femme Nouveau

Americana Revival

The Contemporary

Bohemian Gypset

Cultivated Classic


The "More About You" section has basic questions about the client like occupation, whether or not you are a mom, what type of items you need, want more of or dislike, etc. I like that it asks you how often you wear different types of clothes like business, cocktail, casual or going out since all I really wear now is casual stuff. I like that it asks where you normally shop by grouping stores into affordable mass market (Forever 21 and H&M), mid to high end fashion labels (Zara and BCBG) and then luxury (Barney's and Sak's).


At the end, there is a section for you to enter your social media tags. The one in particular that I thought would be a great idea is to make a pinboard of styles that you like. 

Delivery Preferences

The soonest they could get the box to me was by August 8th, so if I ordered it today, July 27th EOB, that puts it at about 8 business days for delivery, which is actually pretty fast compared to most of these services. You can select monthly, every other month or every quarter for delivery frequency.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, they collect shipping and payment information. They obviously are going to save your payment info (some people don't like that still) so that they can charge you for what you keep after the fact. Once you get to the Final Order Review page, you get a big ole' red warning as shown below. It's just to make sure you have enough credit or funds available to pay for an average sized order. I'd imagine they got a lot of people who couldn't afford to keep everything forgetting to mail things back. Don't worry though, this is very typical for a pay later type service.

It gives you one final notice that you can cancel at anytime and lets you enter a store credit or promo code. I must say that I'm very excited to get my first DAILYLOOK box. The stylists seem to know what they're doing, as long as they are also the ones styling the looks in the DAILYLOOK shop. The brands are great and the style profile was thorough but not exhausting. I have high hopes for you, DAILYLOOK Elite Box.

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