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Farmer's Market Fashion from Target

Farmer's Market Fashion from Target

It's prime farmer's market time which means I typically spend all of my hard earned money on the delicious, fresh veggies (and by veggies, I mean ice cream cones) that will go bad and get thrown out in a week. Because of this, I figured this was the perfect opportunity for a budget post. Target is one of my favorite places in the world (speaking of spending unnecessary money...), and they have quite the selection of cute dresses right now! You might as well toss one of these boho-chic looks into your basket along with that new workout outfit, new (flowery!!!) sheets, 8 throw pillows, 15 lipsticks, 23 nail polishes and of course a $5 Starbucks drink..or two. 

The Morning Person

You're the first one there in the morning and offer to help the vendors get set up while you smile and sip your tea with honey and lemon. 

The Wallflower

You always buy from a specific handful of vendors because they are the ones who just smile and let you buy your stuff without a bunch of small talk or a long line.

The Trendsetter

Whether it's a new type of green smoothie that promises to make you look like Kate Hudson or the latest espadrilles hitting stores, you are always the first to know.

The Social Butterfly

Who doesn't love farmer's markets? All of the friendly people, the friendly farmers!! You love buzzing from booth to booth asking how the farmer's babies, puppies and sleep patterns are doing.

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