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My Spring 2016 Haul

My Spring 2016 Haul


What do you buy when you're still losing baby weight and can't fit in your normal sized clothes yet? Two words, accessories and shoes. This is my biggest haul of the season. I must say that it was a pretty practical round of shopping this year for spring. I had saved up a large amount of my monthly budget over a few months since I couldn't fit in anything and was able to fill in some blanks in my closet with some of these updated staples.


I needed a slim card case to fit into my pouch size bags/clutches and I needed some reliable, comfortable summer shoes. I wanted a lightweight, summery bag that i could just toss stuff in and go, as well as some breezy scarves to add layering to my summer wardrobe of tank tops and jeans.


I wanted a simple and classic tote bag as well as a pouch to use when I go out that doesn't look like it belongs at a dance club or the beach.


The last bit of shoes I needed were for very practical reasons. I am way behind on the sneaker craze and wanted something other than the same ole' Adidas Superstars that everyone has. Plus, I couldn't decide on a color anyway. I also needed some cross trainers, and thanks to my wide at the toes, narrow at the heels feet, I was really only left with a handful of options. These are SO COMFORTABLE though. They have extra cushioning in the heel and a lot of support.

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