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Multitasking Style To Go

Multitasking Style To Go

I used to think that I was the queen of multitasking. Well, now that I have a three month old baby girl, a freelance web development career, the beginnings of a personal shopping start-up, writing gigs on the side and this blog of course, things are really getting interesting. I now need outfits that I can work out in, code in, run to meetings in and attend the occasional social event in, not to mention get spit up on in. I am going to do my best to pick out an outfit for this post that doesn't look like the Adidas suits they wear in the movie, Dude Where's My Car.

I'm also going to imagine that I don't sweat when I exercise, I don't have the tummy of somebody who just had a baby, and I have more than a 28 inch inseam.

Here goes nothing.


Child Rearing



The wine tee can be the basis of the daytime outfit. It's versatile enough for some light yoga, baby holding and errand running. You could easily toss on a nice blazer to run to a work meeting or a gray denim shirt for perusing the freezer foods aisle (because let's face it, frozen food is where it's at when you have a kid...). Then simply slip into the maxi-tank to imitate a cocktail dress for whatever evening plans await you. For me, that would be cocktails on the couch avec mon petit bébé

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