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The Inside Out of Working Out: Sadness

The Inside Out of Working Out: Sadness


Sadness is an emotion that is far too common in this world. Sometimes it seems as though there are so many reasons to be sad that it is hard to see the light through the troubles. If I've ever known anything to cure a bout of sadness, it's some good, positive dance music.

We've all read that page in the book and been inspired by that scene in the movie where our heroin picks herself up off of the ground, cranks up a good dance tune, and dances her troubles away. One of my favorites is when you finally see some happiness come out of Iris in The Holiday (playing air guitar to "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet), or when Julia Stiles pulls out off her Juliard audition, a perfect mix of street and ballet dance in Save the Last Dance (watch here - still gives me chills!). And of course there's always baby's big finale dance to "Time of My Life" in Dirty Dancing. If you're having trouble getting your butt off the couch, just tell yourself that Patrick Swayze is actually holding out his hand to you saying, "Nobody puts ...insert your own name here... in the corner," that should do it for most of us.






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