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Iconic Style Remix: Flashdance

Iconic Style Remix: Flashdance

I can't help but get excited every time an 80's trend comes back into style because they are ALL SO FUN! Leg warmers, off the shoulder crop tops, big BIG hair, I love it all. I also love the music from the 80's. Being born in 1985, I didn't really get much time to enjoy all of this stuff when I was a 0-5 year old, so I spent my college years (...and maybe a few after...) going to 80's parties and jamming out to Madonna and Phil Collins. This was a particular fun style remix to do because so many of these trends (pointy pumps, off the shoulder tops) are in style right now.

I updated the gray sweatshirt to a nice warm oatmeal shade and I couldn't NOT include these fabulous heels. I seriously might buy them after this blog post. The shorts are perfect for this look - a bit dancy, a big girlie and super comfy looking.

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