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Styles for New Moms with Leftover Bellies

Styles for New Moms with Leftover Bellies

Sooner or later this little girl will be born and I will again have a waistline, ankles and the will to move, but until then I thought I might as well start preparing for her arrival. I've heard once the baby is out, your belly goes back down to where it was at about 20 weeks, so if that's the case, then I can expect to start wearing some normal clothes again. I believe my tummy will be smushy for a while though and that there will still be some semblance of a bump, so I picked out some fashionable outfits to get me through this phase until I can wear that black Kate Spade mock neck bodysuit that's burning a hole in my closet.

I took a mix and match approach to these, since I won't have time to do much laundry or you know much of anything at all. I also reference items that might make nursing easier, but to each their own and if that's not your thing, more power to ya. No judgement here because judgy people suck. Just use those tops to show off the girls upgraded size. The pants are all elastic-waisted and made for lounging since that's mostly what I hope happens those first few months. 

The Tops

loose, off-the-shoulder tops to hide the belly and let the baby nurse easily

wrap blouses to easily nurse or just to show off that nice cleavage

open-back tops to allow room for the little pouch you're still carrying around

The Bottoms

a tailored lounge pant gives your belly room to breathe while helping your legs look slim and stay comfy.

crops are all the rage and in lightweight, summery fabrics, you can't get much more chic than that

wide legs are great because the last thing we want going on down there is a tight, stuffy, restricting fit

all items from Revolve

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