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The Right to Bare Ankles

The Right to Bare Ankles

My good friend Lindsay is rather fashionable I'd say, but from time to time has questions about what to wear in certain circumstances. Today her question was one that I think many women have, something that drives me crazy to see carried out incorrectly. She mentioned that she bought a pair of ankle jeans and was trying to figure out what type of shoe to wear with them. The tricky thing about ankle pants, or really cropped pants of any kind, is that they will shorten the look of your legs, so it is important to realize how impactful you choice of shoe is. 

I've made a little cheat sheet for the most flattering ways to wear ankle length pants, which can be tricky if you aren't 5'10" and have legs that go up to your chin. As a 5 foot tall women, I've learned many of these little tricks through applying basic artistic principals, and much of the time through trial and error. Trust me, when somebody says, "your legs look so long in those pants," I etch the pant/shoe combination that I'm wearing into my brain and savor that memory forever. 

Barely There Sandals

By showing some skin in these simple, yet sexy sandals, you can create the illusion of longer legs. In the same way that they tell short women that adding a belt will "cut you off at the waist" (please don't google that..), wearing a sexy, yet minimal sandal will prevent that "cut off" point near your ankle, where you'd go from leg to shoe. 

7 For All Manking


If You're Really Short Like Me

Like I said, I am very short, much shorter than most short people. When you're into fashion and you are this short, you get pretty skilled in the art of walking in platforms. Luckily, when you don't have the luxury of seeing over anyone in a crowd or touching the floor in chairs at restaurants, you can at least almost always pull off platforms without the unintended stripper subtext. I. Love. Platforms.


If Comfort is a Priority

There isn't much to say about ankle length pants and wedges. Wedges are comfy, can provide a variety of looks (summery, posh, hippie-chic, etc.), and are available everywhere. They'll give you some height, which is always helpful when wearing cropped pants


To the Point

It's no secret that the pointed pump elongates legs - especially in shades of nude. These shoes will extend the line of your leg out even after hitting the ground, all the way to the point. In art, points and angles are used to make things appear longer or taller than they are. 7 For All Mankind's cropped jean section features all pointed, nude colored shoes. A plus is that these are work/play/brunching friendly, and we all love a good versatil shoe.



I actually told Linz that shoes wouldn't be a wise choice - but from my research I've noticed an overwhelming amount of sneakers showing up with ankle pants. However, this is a proceed with caution suggestion if you are anyone who is not lucky enough to have long legs. This will make your legs look shorter, it does in the pics, it does in real life, there's no getting around it. If you have length to spare though, have fun with this one!

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