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What to wear to Disney: Epcot Edition

Disney is fairly insignificant in the fashion world but it is an adorably fun place to visit. A lot of people say Walt Disney World is just for kids, but not in my eyes. My parents took me there about 4 or 5 times when I was a kid, and I fell in love with it. I love all the movies, the princesses, the music, everything. We went in mid-March this year, and the weather was in the low 90's for almost our entire trip. 

Epcot is known for it's array of "countries" that you can visit as well as Future World, where they have some pretty innovative stuff. My favorite restaurant is the Oktoberfest buffet in Germany, and I love taking the boat rides between countries. 

While packing for our trip, however, I turned out to be pretty clueless as to what I'd need. I remember, as a little girl, thinking, "why are we going to Epcot, it's so boring here." Now that I'm grown up though, Epcot is definitely the best of the four main parks. Everybody knows that there's a lot of walking at Disney, so you'll want comfy shoes, sunglasses and weather appropriate clothing. Epcot is the one Disney park where you can get a bit more fashionable. The other parks are geared more towards kids, are much more crowded and don't have as much shade. Assuming you're going when it's warm there (it is Florida, after all), I've picked out some nice outfits that will not only keep you cool and comfy for your journey around the world, but will showcase your global style.

90 degrees and up

To save some room in your suitcase, and keep you nice and cool, try a romper.

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