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Style Glossary: Slip Dress

Style Glossary: Slip Dress

A Brief History of Slips

As our grandmothers would know, slips were originally an undergarment that was typically worn underneath a dress or skirt that helped shield the skin from fabrics such as wool. It also would sometimes act as a sweat barrier to protect delicate fabrics or in the opposite case, for added warmth.

As a young child, I learned that you wear skirts to prevent show-through of semi-transparent dress fabrics, or as mentioned above, to shield your skin from the tulle and organza (that would itch like crazy) used to puff out my Christmas and Easter dresses. Since I grew up in the 90's, I was lucky enough to get to witness the slipdress trend (thanks Kate Moss!) even though I was too young to get to wear these beautiful dresses. The concept of wearing traditional undergarments as clothing has always been a sexy and progressive trend, one that must be executed carefully or else it looks literally like you didn't get dressed at all.  In the 90's it went well with the grunge, hard rock, and ripped everything as a classier and sexier alternative to your...(trying to think of a something sexy from the 90's)... cut offs and flannel? But as all other trends, it came and went. The funny thing about trends is that they always come back around...so that puts us here, in 2015, almost 2016.



They're Back!

From the high realms of Narciso Rodriguez to the fast fashion worlds of Zara and Mango, slip dresses are popping up everywhere. From runways to boutiques and from fashion week runways to street style, they are back people. Expect this spring (2016) to see these beauties everywhere. Pair with a jean jacket and your favorite booties for a casual look, or one of my favorites, pointed, ankle strap heels and a tuxedo blazer for a sexy but not too sexy look. 

What exactly makes a slip dress a slip dress though? Slip dresses are typically void of detail, anywhere from short to maxi length, and are made of silky, non-stretchy fabric such as crepe, satin or silk. Now days though, you'll find more synthetic fabrics unless you go higher up on the fashion food chain. Many of the longer versions are a fit and flare silhouette or contain slits up either or both sides to allow movement. These dresses are so versatile that they can be worn in any season, as the main attraction or as a backdrop to something with more interest. In my opinion, this is one of the sexiest pieces of clothing out there because its simplicity paired with its sensuality really brings out the natural beauty in a woman.

You can see curves, bones, bumps, etc. but it is one of the most forgiving silhouettes out there. Just make sure to get the correct size, and don't wear this to an all you can eat Italian wedding or Christmas dinner at your grandma's who bakes that mean apple pie because it will not stretch (unless, obviously, you have a stretchy one).

Here are some of my favorites for spring 2016.

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