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Thinking of getting pregnant? Stock up on these.

Thinking of getting pregnant? Stock up on these.

It took us about a year and a half to conceive, and even with all of that time to ponder things, I didn't consider buying maternity clothes because it was just too sad to think of the possibility that I'd never be able to conceive. However, if yours is less of a sad story and you have a bit more optimism to spare than I did, then these are the things I should have been stocking up on. Keep in mind when choosing sizes that you may be like me, and not be one of those lucky women whose arms, legs, butt, etc. stay the same size throughout. You can find all of these options in maternity sections, but often the style choices are extremely limited and you may not be pregnant yet, so I've learned to find regular clothing options that are maternity friendly.

Some items to avoid are anything super trendy that may or may not be in style a few months from now (unless you have unlimited funds to dispense on maternity wear later...in which case we all hate you...jk...maybe), anything tight (because everything will become tight), unreasonable heels (think anything you wouldn't want to wear if you were sick with the flu), and anything super warm (you will be so warm you'll become your own heating source).


I used to be a size medium before around the 2nd trimester, then I ballooned up to a large, and trust me ladies, you will need pajamas. Between the nausea, sweating, lack of sleep, breast pain, back pain, ability to catch any kind of cold, cough, flu from within 5 blocks of your house, you will get your use out of these.  A cushiony pair of slippers will help with the back pain too. Buy a cup and band size up in your bra, the girls are getting an upgrade soon and will hurt when anything touches them.

Foldover Bottoms

Anything that is stretchy and folds over at the waist will most likely be wearable throughout your pregnancy since you can unfold them once you're pregnant to prevent your beautiful new baby bump from poking out.


Cardigans and Vests

My favorites are the long waterfall cardis and the chunky dusters. They cover enough to keep me warm, but are easy to take off if I'm overheating.

Capes and Ponchos

People tend to only buy these once it's cold, but during summer they are be used as jackets when boating or beaching, a modified snuggie when lounging around the house, and pillows/blankets when traveling. The fit is universal.


Tunics and trapeze Mini Dresses

Stretchy and drapey tunics are the best because as long as you get them loose enough, they become t-shirts when you start getting a bump and will help you into your third trimester. The mini dresses can be worn as dresses early on, and then as a tunic over skinny jeans or leggings once your bump is more prominent.

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